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DNAS Status tool [scaststatus_X.php] Front-End - by djSpinnerCee

Make sure to use the PUBLIC IP address or hostname (do not include http://) of your DNAS server. Submit will return a simple status document, or an RSS feed. The resulting RSS feed URL can be used on other sites.

TCP Listen Port:   V2 sid:   Get RSS: 
This page is a simple front-end to the scaststatus_X.php script/widget. It exposes three basic options of the script (in addition to the required DNAS host= and port=):

-- The default index=0 (no RSS) will return an HTML status document for the DNAS which includes the last played tracks and listeners, and links to the DNAS listen.pls, index.html and other DNAS info.

-- Clicking the RSS feed box will directly open an RSS for the stream. The RSS tries to act like a podcast, but basically it provides a "now playing" snapshot and a stream link.

-- v2.xx DNAS is now fully supported. To access a streamID other than 1, add &sid={streamID}

codes: [Make sure to replace text that needs to be REPLACEd]
index=5 (javascript) Returns Now Playing text + /listen.pls link:

(The simplest and fastest "now playing text" code) [index=51 returns plain text, no /listen.pls link]

index=10 The code below produces a simple [online/offline] image: online/offline status image (new)

index=20 (RSS 2.0/podcast) The code below produces an [RSS] button to link to an Podcast/RSS 2.0+XML feed to syndicate your DNAS --rssfeedgif (experimental)

in addition, you can add the following code to your page's HEAD element to tell browsers that the RSS feed is available:

Now Playing on my stations [index=51]:
DigitalMixNYC:  listen+info
DigitalMixNYCbx:  listen+info
DigitalMixNYCpro+MixxxAutoDJ:  listen+info

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